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The capsulotomy is a laser procedure type to remove opacities of the structure surrounding the lens, called capsule or capsular bag. The capsule is a membrane that holds the intraocular lens and sometimes you can go opacificando, months or years after the cataract surgery. The origin of the movement opacification and growth of some cells that are in the bag. The process capsule opacification depends on the characteristics of the eye, the type of cataract, intraocular lens and the patient's age.


The action of the laser capsulotomy is eliminate opacity behind the lens that may affect the passage of light. A laser is applied at the level of the capsule surrounding the lens to remove it. opacities found in the visual axis may affect vision.


The decision of the capsulotomy is done in a complete ophthalmic examination under examination pupil dilation, this will assess how best the intraocular lens and its opacity. The capsule opacification can cause distortion and visual loss. Fortunately, if present, can be corrected quickly and noninvasively by laser.


The capsulotomy is performed under topical anesthesia, ie putting numbing drops in your eye. The procedure is rapid, with approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The patient may reinstate your daily life easily.

This procedure is successful in most cases a single application. Special Children and patients with previous surgery retina can have very dense opacification amenable to treatment and that can sometimes require surgery.