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The corneal topography is an ophthalmological study of cornea from the analysis of its curvature and shape. Allows study refractive errors of a patient and diagnose diseases of the cornea and ocular surface. Also in many cases to determine the type of disease, even before it can be diagnosed clinically, the degree of impairment, monitor progress and evaluate treatment options.


The action takes place through a computer which forms an image of the cornea at a very detailed level. An image in which can identify the characteristics of the cornea is formed.


The decision of the study should be in accordance with the patient and the ophthalmologist, ophthalmic examination assessing jointly with other studies. It is commonly used to study the structure of the cornea in some specific diseases, such as keratoconus and to determine whether a patient may be a candidate for refractive surgery.


The process of corneal topography is simple and convenient. The patient sits looking through a computer and go take pictures. The study is quick, lasting about 5 minutes.