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An intrastromal rings after insertion into the cornea

Applying intrastromal rings is an actual surgical procedure to treat some diseases of the cornea, especially keratoconus. Comfortably and safely they can stabilize the cornea, delay changes of the disease and to some extent improve vision.


The action of the intrastromal rings is through implantation within the cornea of two semicircular segments. The plastic rings are derived with a variable thickness and are well tolerated by the body. The function of the rings is to stabilize the cornea, corneal curvature change with the possibility of improving vision and stop or slow changes that occur by ectasia, such as keratoconus.


An indication of the stromal ring is corneal diseases such as ectasia, especially keratoconus. Surgery may be necessary depending on the degree of damage or if the vision can not be improved with glasses.


The decision for surgery should be in accordance with the patient and the ophthalmologist, assessing the characteristics and needs of the patient and the characteristics of the eye and cornea. Using stromal rings can avoid making a corneal transplant or delay their need.


The method of application of intrastromal rings is done in most cases with local anesthesia of the area around the eye. The procedure is quick, lasting approximately 30 minutes. The result of the operation can be very successful, with a quick and satisfactory visual recovery. You have to assess the evolution of the disease and the use of other techniques together. The patient may reinstate your daily life easily.