Ophthalmic advices:Precautions in conjunctivitis

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The conjunctivitis is a condition that can be infectious and highly contagious. You need to take precautions and hygiene, if you already are required in the conditions of the eye, to avoid affecting the patient and the people around.

  • It is important to wash your hands before applying eye treatment and not sharing eye treatment with others. Once conjunctivitis should be resolved to throw all the products used by the risk of infection.
  • No need to use contact lenses or makeup products eyes or around them. If these products are used up, as there is a risk of re-contamination it is advisable to dispose of have been used during the infection process.
  • You have to avoid personal contact with others, avoid waving or to kiss. You have to wash your hands immediately if you have had contact with someone with conjunctivitis.
  • No need to share anything that has been in contact with the infected person or items such as towels, sheets and pillow covers eye. A person who is suffering from the infectious process, you are advised to change the pillowcase every day.
  • It is advisable to clean up all objects in regular contact if it can be immediately after use, such as door handles, computer keyboard, pens, books, notebooks, etc.
  • They must be cleaned to remove eye secretions and normally, at least twice daily. It is recommended to do small towels, swabs or paper single use (Kleenex type).
  • Conjunctivitis can be cause of sick leave and is not recommended that children go to school with conjunctivitis. It is recommended to rest at home because of the risk of contagion and to facilitate treatment and healing.

It is important to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist in case of conjunctivitis, to make a correct diagnosis, proper treatment and provide patient monitoring. Conjunctivitis can be confused with other conditions of the eye and its evolution can be difficult in some cases, even presenting complications which hinder healing.